Several hundred kilometers into West Senegal, Kaolack is a region making a big difference in people’s lives. With the help of the Andando foundation in 2007, the people of Koalack and dozens of other surrounding areas are receiving a hand-up, not a hand-out. Through agricultural, educational, and transportation services, nearly 70,000 lives are affected by this positive force for change.

Late in 2018, photographers Tariq Tarey and Mat Marrash visited this region to see what they could do to help. Interacting with the villagers and the hardworking staff at Andando, it was amazing to see what a grassroots Non-Government Organisation (NGO) could accomplish that even federal aid could not. After several days of observation and many in-depth conversations, two things were always in high-demand: water and shelter. The more access people have to fresh, clean water and stable shelter, the sooner other initiatives like education, organic farming, and preventative medicine can take hold. This is where we all can help.

”Wawande Hooremoom” is the Fulani phrase for “Self Sufficient”. The body of work exhibited on this site and in subsequent traveling shows is in part to raise awareness of Kaolack, and the efforts of Andando. By sharing this project, attending a show opening, joining the mailing list, purchasing a print, or donating directly to the cause, you can make a huge difference where great work is already taking place.


All photos on this site were taken by Tariq Tarey and Mat Marrash, photographers from Columbus, OH.